15 Best High Schools In Bellingham

Are you searching for a perfect of high schools in the Bellingham area? You are going to get a high schools perfect details in Bellingham.

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Top High Schools List and Details in Bellingham Area

1. Bellingham High School

Bellingham High School

This Bellingham High School is a highest quality high schools in the Bellingham region. When you like to really come to see this directions, you must learn the subsistent directions, this is 2020 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225, Bellingham. It is a ordinary High school. And, this high schools ‘s ratings is 3, in accordance with 23 general commenters.

The Top Comment From User: Great community, students and teachers!

2. Sehome High School

Sehome High School

Sehome High School is a fantastic high schools in Bellingham. Following the 16 valid persons, the almost ranking score of this is 3.8. This organization is a ordinary High school. If you are supposed to really go to see this address, you need to find the proper address, this is 2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225, Bellingham.

The Best Review: Great school with great some great staff!!

3. Squalicum High School

Squalicum High School

Position 3rd high schools is Squalicum High School. It is a general High school. The 16 persons have reviewed about this high schools , and according to their opinion, approximate ranking score is 4.1. And, it is placed at 3773 e mcleod rd, bellingham, wa 98226, in bellingham.

Best Comment: My time at Squalicum was great. The teachers and staff care and are …

4. Options High School

Options High School

In Bellingham area, listed number 4th high schools is Options High School. It is a normal category institute. The road area of this is 2015 Franklin St, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. And, this high schools has occurred 3 ranking, this comes from 2 genuine reviewer.

5. Whatcom Intergenerational High School

The 5th ranking position high schools is Whatcom Intergenerational High in Bellingham locality area. It is a public sort of High school. And, their physical address is 1 bellis fair pkwy, bellingham, wa 98226, in bellingham.

6. Explorations Academy

Explorations Academy

Ranking 6th high schools is Explorations Academy. If you are likely to go see its main office you have to see this place, this is 1701 Ellis St #215, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. This organisation is a regular High school. And, the 17 public have provided reviews to this high schools , and following their reviews, almost ranking score is 4.9.

The Best Review: I highly recommend this school.

  • Street Direction: 1701 Ellis St #215, Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Contact Number: (360) 671-8085
  • Website information: .explorationsacademy.org

7. Meridian Senior High School

Meridian Senior High School

In Bellingham, position number 7th high schools is the Meridian Senior High. This is a public type of organization. Their actual area is 194 W Laurel Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226, in Bellingham. And, the 16 public have reviewed on this high schools , as a result it average review score is 3.4.

The Best Comment From User: Beautiful school, some of the best staff I’ve ever seen.

  • Road Address: 194 W Laurel Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Contact Line: (360) 398-8111
  • Web Address: .meridian.wednet.edumhs

8. The Franklin Academy

The Franklin Academy

This The Franklin Academy is a reputable high schools in the Bellingham town. This organisation is a public Private educational institution. Its exact directions is 1509 E Victor St, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. And, in accordance with the 33 real public, the constructive score of which is 4.5.

The Best Review From User: School continues to grow in great ways. Been very happy here!

  • Street Direction: 1509 E Victor St, Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Telephone: (360) 733-1750
  • Web information: thefranklin.academy

9. Bellingham Christian School

Bellingham Christian School

The Bellingham Christian School is one of the most popular high schools . This high schools has reach 5 ranking score, this comes from 2 general public. This is a normal sort of organization. The permanent location of this is 1600 E Sunset Dr, Bellingham, WA 98226, in Bellingham.

The best comment: It all starts and ends with the staff and they are really in a great place …

10. Shuksan Middle School

Shuksan Middle School

In Bellingham, classified 10th high schools is the Shuksan Middle School. The main location of it is 2717 Alderwood Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. This is a common kind of Middle school. And, the 29 people have shared their reviews to this high schools , and following their discussion, almost ratings is 4.1.

The Top User Review: Shuksan is definitely the best middle school in the district.

11. Whatcom Middle School

Whatcom Middle School

The 11st position number high schools is Whatcom Middle School. This is a public kind institute. The proper address of this is 810 Halleck St, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. And, the 17 public have shared opinions for this high schools , and in accordance with their reviews, constructive rating score is 3.2.

The Top Review: … I have are considerate and they are really good at what they do.

12. Whatcom Hills Waldorf School

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School

The ranking number 12nd high schools is Whatcom Hills Waldorf. This is a normal category Waldorf school. This high schools has gain 4.1 ratings out of 5, that comes from 9 generic persons. And, when you would love to go see its office locality you may look at this locality, this is 941 austin st, bellingham, wa 98229, in bellingham.

Best User Comment: It’s a great school, though not for everyone.

  • Street Address: 941 Austin St, Bellingham, WA 98229
  • Contact Line: (360) 733-3164
  • Web information: .whws.org

13. Fairhaven Middle School

Fairhaven Middle School

The 13rd ranked high schools is Fairhaven Middle School in Bellingham zone. The factual locus of that is 110 Parkridge Rd, Bellingham, WA 98225, in Bellingham. It is a ordinary category organisation. And, following the 7 authentic commenters, the approximate ratings out of 5 of that is 2.6.

14. Carl Cozier Elementary School

Carl Cozier Elementary School

The serial 14th high schools is Carl Cozier Elementary. It is a general Elementary school. This high schools is most reputed, as a result, it gain 4.2 score following 9 usual people. And, 1330 lincoln st, bellingham, wa 98229 is their official place.

Top Review: Top school in town with a terrific caring principal

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